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Textbook Affordability Task Force

Textbook Affordability Task Force

In 2019 state legislation enacted OR HB2213 which requires every college and university in Oregon to create a textbook affordability plan. PCC’s Open Educational Resources (OER) Steering Committee was asked by college administration to act as a coordinating group for PCC’s planning process, and during the 2020-21 academic year, we formed the Textbook Affordability Task Force. The Task Force engaged with stakeholders across the college to develop our plan.  Groups consulted included faculty, ASPCC, Online Learning, Disability Services, the Bookstore, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and the Educational Advisory Council (EAC).

PCC Textbook Affordability Plan

In June 2021 the OER Steering Committee presented the final version of the PCC Textbook Affordability Plan to the Academic Affairs Council and it was submitted to Open Oregon Educational Resources. The plan lays out goals for how PCC will work collaboratively to ensure equitable and affordable access to course materials. It also ensures that faculty have the financial and technological support, academic freedom, and advanced notice they require to select course materials that are high-quality, relevant, culturally responsive, and accessible in a no-cost/low-cost model. This is ongoing work that crosses all areas of the college. Meeting our objectives requires partnerships between academic and student affairs departments, online learning, the bookstore, and institutional effectiveness.


 The language on this page is adapted from an all-college email sent from the Office of Vice President of Academic Affairs on Sept 23, 2021.