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PCC Remembers Executive Order 9066

PCC Remembers Executive Order 9066

In 1942, Japanese Americans were interned per Executive Order 9066 signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Locally, internees were held at the Portland Relocation Center, and while there, they published a newspaper called the Evacuzette. See a copy of this remarkable publication and explore other resources related to the internment of Japanese Americans through the PCC Library Topic Guide.

For the anniversary of Executive Order 9066, PCC conducted an interview between President Mark Mitsui and his mother, Tammy. President Mitsui states, “My mother made it very clear: The Japanese Americans hadn’t done anything wrong. And history shows that there was no evidence of sabotage, no evidence of disloyal acts, no trial, no opportunity for legal defense, no opportunity for appeal. My family was very, very vocal about what happened, and it was sort of a family mission to educate people so this would never happen again.” 

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