CCOG Courses in Early Childhood Education & Fa

Course Number Course Title
ECE 120 Intro Early Ed & Fam Studies
ECE 121 Observation and Guidance I
ECE 122 Environments and Curriculum in Early Care and Ed I
ECE 123 Environments and Curriculum in Early Care and Ed II
ECE 124 Multicultural Practices: Exploring Our Views
ECE 130A Practicum Seminar 1
ECE 130B Practicum Seminar 2
ECE 130C Practicum Seminar 3
ECE 131A Practicum for Experienced Teachers 1
ECE 131B Practicum for Experiences Teachers 2
ECE 131C Practicum for Experienced Teachers 3
ECE 132 Early Childhood Field Work
ECE 133 Practicum 1
ECE 134 Practicum 2
ECE 135 Practicum 3
ECE 170 EEFS Coaching and Mentoring
ECE 173 Children and Loss
ECE 174 Head Start
ECE 175A I/Tod Care-Learning/Develop
ECE 175B I/Tod Care-Group Care
ECE 175C I/Tod Care-Soc/Emotional
ECE 175D I/Tod Care-Family Rela
ECE 177 Mixed Age Groups
ECE 179 Power of Portfolios
ECE 180 Early Childhood Professional English A
ECE 181 Early Childhood Professional English B
ECE 182 Early Childhood Professional English C
ECE 184 Puppetry & Theater
ECE 185 Field Trips in Early Childhood
ECE 186 Nature and Gardening
ECE 187 Cooking with Kids
ECE 188 Block Play, Woodworking
ECE 189 Inf/Todd Building Relationship
ECE 191 Planning for Infants
ECE 193 Advocacy in Early Ed.
ECE 194 Managing Stress in EEFs
ECE 197 Career Exploration in EEFS
ECE 198 Outdoor Environments
ECE 200 The Professional in Early Education and Family Studies
ECE 221 Observation and Guidance II
ECE 224 Multicultural Practice: Curriculum & Implementation
ECE 234 Children w/Special Needs i/ECE
ECE 235 Music and Movement in Early Childhood Education
ECE 236 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education
ECE 238 Administration of Early Childhood Programs
ECE 241 Exploring the CDA
ECE 260A Advanced Practicum Seminar 1
ECE 260B Advanced Practicum Seminar 2
ECE 264 Practicum 4
ECE 265 Practicum 5