Information Literacy Teaching Materials

Getting started

Cephalonian Cards

Cards with pre-printed questions are passed to several students. Students read the questions aloud; the instructor answers them (with or without slides). Quick intro to factual material, and sets up a question-and-answer dynamic that often leads to students asking their own questions.

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Finding Articles for Your Geography Research Assignment

This interactive tutorial worksheet will help you find quality sources for your geography research assignment using Library databases and Google Scholar. You will learn how to build a search strategy and then will get experience searching using three separate databases: the Library article search (EBSCO), JSTOR, and Google Scholar.

To get your own copy of the tutorial: Please click on the form link below and fill it out so we will know who is making copies of our tutorials and can send you critical updates in the future. You’ll then be taken automatically to a page where you can make a copy of the tutorial for use in your class. You will be able to modify your copy of the tutorial to tailor it to your course and can see your students’ responses.


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