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Veronica Vichit-Vadakan

  • Faculty Librarian
  • Reference
  • Cascade
  • 971-722-5333
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What I enjoy most about being a librarian is helping people ask good questions and find the answers they need. I believe strongly that education (and the library in particular) should be accessible, welcoming, and useful for everyone. I have a background in technology, metadata, and systems and have a particular interest in online instruction, digital resources, and technology for accessibility. Professionally, I have also worked as a film editor, historical archivist, non-profit manager, and a barista. And I’m really good at recommending fun books to read!

I’m an amateur mycologist which means I spend a lot of my free time in the woods poking at mushrooms. I foster cats and kittens for a couple of different animal shelters so my home has a rotating cast of feline characters. I love baking (but, let’s be real, mostly eating) all kinds of baked goods, but especially pies. My favorite pie is Oregon’s original: marionberry pie.