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Pam Kessinger

  • Faculty Librarian
  • Reference
  • Rock Creek
  • 971-722-7051
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As a librarian I get to learn new things every working day: students often ask about topics which I have not thought about, which is exciting and inspiring to me.

Professionally, I am interested in teaching information literacy with a focus on metacognition and critical thinking and critical reading; tracking course outcomes related to information literacy; and bringing awareness to the efforts for information literacy standards and curriculum for K-16 librarians statewide. I use the Reading Apprenticeship methodology in my instructional design.

Outside of my library career I garden with native plants to support pollinators, especially Mason Bees, and Fender’s Blue and Monarch butterflies. I use companion planting to grow vegetables. I can use a chainsaw and when it gets cold out, I pick up crocheting or knitting. I love to travel through all the different regions of Oregon, grandkids and family in tow.