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Kerry Leek

  • Faculty Librarian
  • Reference
  • Sylvania
  • 971-722-4686
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I am pleased to have my dream job as a librarian at PCC. I spent my first 6 years at PCC as a part-time librarian as well as an improv instructor in the Sylvania theatre department. While theatre, improv and comedy will always be my first loves, I am equally enamoured with being a librarian. I became a librarian to boost the confidence of students as they negotiate the difficulties of finding and evaluating resources. I am deeply interested in Open Education Resources, especially as it intersects with issues of equity. I am a service-oriented teacher at heart, and love answering questions big or small. If you see me at the reference desk, come say hi!

When I am not at the library, I am likely on stage or in an audience, at the beach under an umbrella, playing complicated board games, hiking up Mount Tabor, or at home, hoping my cat will make dinner for once.