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Jen Klaudinyi

  • Faculty Librarian, Faculty Department Chair
  • Reference
  • Southeast
  • 971-722-4964

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I’m an explorer and adventurer at heart. I love working with students and instructors to inspire fellow explorers to question, discover and buck a little authority. My favorite part of being a librarian is that I’m always learning- always exploring, and sharing those experiences with students.

I’m very interested in how technology can be leveraged effectively for teaching and learning. I’m a happy open educational resources and open access rabble-rouser. As a natural planner and tinkerer, I enjoy integrating digital and information literacy into instructional design.

I love to travel, especially on my bicycle. I’ve toured on several routes in the U.S. as well as in Greece and Italy, and my newest kick is off-road bikepacking. In the winter, I love to ski tour. I’m also kind of a gear junkie, and I apply my rabid research skills to selecting and constructing gear for my adventures.