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Scholarly Sources Beyond Peer Review

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A scholarly source (such as a research article) is a source that presents the findings of a study, research or experimentation. Scholarly sources are written by experts in a discipline for other experts in the discipline. Scholarly sources are considered more reliable than most other sources because the results are based on research not conjecture or opinion.

While journals publish many scholarly sources (and these sources have gone through peer review), not all scholarly sources are published in journals. Scholarly sources may also be published by government agencies, by non-governmental organizations, or by non-profit organizations. These scholarly sources do not go through traditional peer review but may go through a process of internal review before publication.

Below are a few examples of scholarly sources that have not gone through traditional peer review.

Scholarly sources like these will generally not be found in library databases, but check your subject or course guide for recommended websites where scholarly sources like these can be found.