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Sylvania Library Zoom Cubes

Need a place for a zoom class when you are on campus? The library has you covered. Stop by the Sylvania Campus Library and check out our new Library Zoom Cubes.

Each cube offers an office-style cubicle with a big desk, a comfortable office chair, a Windows computer workstation, a webcam, and a headset with a mic. Using your own laptop? No problem, there is plenty of space for a laptop, textbooks and whatever else you need during class. The cubes are located in their own area of the library so you can have a bit of privacy to focus on your work. Plus you can book your cube during your class for the entire term. No need to scramble for a new spot for your class every week. Sign up for your cube and it will be set up and waiting for you for every class session.
Cubes are available for booking during library open hours 8:30 am-7:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 10:00 am-4:00 pm Friday.

To claim your cube submit a cube request using this form.


  • Zoom cubes may be reserved for one full term.
  • You may book multiple time slots if you have more than one class.
  • Cubes may only be used while your zoom class is in session. Cubes must be vacated at the end of each class session.
  • You must use headsets during class. No open audio allowed.
  • Please be respectful of fellow students in the room and keep your voice to a normal volume. Library staff reserves the right to ask you to speak softer if it is deemed necessary.
  • Repeated absences and skipped class periods may result in your reservation being canceled and the cube reassigned to another student. Please notify library staff if you expect to be absent for more than 3 consecutive sessions so your cube is not reassigned.
  • Food and drink is allowed as long as there are no strong odors or overly loud noise generated from packaging or eating. Library staff reserves the right to ask you to put away food if either of these factors presents a problem.