Prepare for College, Prepare for Life

Programs to prepare you for college

PCC is committed to the academic advancement of our community. The programs below provide a diverse set of pathways to reach your goals.

Students WorkingAdult Basic Education (ABE): GED

Develop reading, writing, and math skills so you can prepare for and pass the GED State Exam, enter college, or training programs. The program offers classes in English at four main college campuses, two workforce training centers, online, in county jails and prisons and has family literacy programs in some public schools. The program also offers GED Preparation classes in Spanish at limited locations. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, release from high school is required in order to participate in our program.

Developmental Education (DE)
Prepare for PCC's college credit programs - and for your chosen career. Many students already enrolled in credit courses take developmental classes as needed to meet the requirements of their degree program. Courses include reading, writing and mathematics. Support services, including tutoring are also available. Financial aid funds can be used for most developmental education courses. Project DEgree is a new DE program at the PCC Southeast Campus that offers an optional cohort approach to Development Education.
Student WritingEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Improves English communication skills of students for whom English is not their native language. Eight ESOL levels serve the needs of adult refugees, immigrants, permanent residents and U.S. citizens. Levels 4 - 8 also serve the needs of professional personnel working or training in the U.S., international students, and international visitors. Reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation are taught.
High school completion

PCC offers the following options for students seeking high school completion.

PCC recommends that high school students first contact a counselor at their high school to discuss options.

Get a Head Start on College
Whether currently enrolled in school or not, PCC offers many programs for high school age students. They can assist you in earning your high school diploma and getting a head start on college. Programs include high school completion, ESL, GED preparation and other programs for youth.
Special Education Classes

Programs for special education students emphasizing independent living skills and training.