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New student advising and registration sessions

To prepare for your first term, attend a new student advising and registration session. At the session you will:

  • Get tips on how to be successful in college
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor and plan your first term
  • Register for classes
  • Plan on 2-3 hours

These sessions are for students who are new to college only. If you have previous college credit or a degree, please contact Academic Advising.

Session materials
Welcome Panthers! says waving Poppie the Panther

Meet PCC’s beloved mascot, Poppie the Panther!

  1. Adjusting to Remote Learning
  2. New Student First Term Checklist
  3. Weekly Schedule
  4. Registration Instructions

Select your session

Contact Disability Services for questions about accommodations, or for training on software.

Support person materials

Want to support your student? Below are some materials for parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, and other members of students’ personal support system to review. These will help you to support your student as they start college.