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CCOG Courses in Apprenticeship Spring 2024

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Course Number Course Title
APR 100M Machine Tool Basics
APR 101 LME: Electrical Theory Fundamentals
APR 102 LME: DC Motors
APR 103 LME: AC Motors & Transformers
APR 104 LME: Luminaires & Equipment
APR 110M Blueprint Reading for Machine Manufacturing
APR 115M Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing I
APR 116M Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing II
APR 120M Machine Shop Math
APR 121 Introduction to Electricity and Circuits
APR 121M Manufacturing Processes I
APR 122 AC/DC Motors Principles
APR 123 AC Theory for Motors and Transformers
APR 124 Electrical Systems Operations
APR 125 Electrical Circuits and Wiring Methods
APR 126 Electrical Systems Installation per NEC
APR 130M Machine Shop Trigonometry
APR 131 Refrigeration I
APR 132 Refrigeration II
APR 133 Refrigeration III
APR 141 LBME: Electrical Theory Fundamentals
APR 142 LBME: Electrical Code
APR 143 LBME: AC Motors and Transformers
APR 144 LBME: Luminaires, Switches and Equipment
APR 145 Safety for the Limited Building Maintenance Electrician
APR 160 Introduction to Industrial Maintenance
APR 160M Drilling Machines and Operations
APR 162 Calculations for the Trades
APR 164 Industrial Blueprints & Schematics for the Trades
APR 166 Industrial Rigging
APR 168 Introduction to Bearings, Seals, and Lubrication
APR 170 Power Transmission Systems
APR 172 Introduction to Hydraulics
APR 180M Turning Machines and Operations
APR 190M Boring and Threading on the Lathe
APR 200A Pre-Apprenticeship
APR 200B OSHA 30 for Pre-Apprenticeship
APR 200C Pre-Apprenticeship Hands-On Instruction
APR 200D OSHA 30 General Industry
APR 201 Electrical Motor Controls
APR 202 LME: Electrical Code Level I
APR 203 LME: Electrical Code - Level II
APR 204 LME: Electrical Code - Level III
APR 205M Vertical Milling Machines and Operations
APR 221 Advanced AC Circuitry
APR 222 Hazardous Locations
APR 223 Motor Control Operations including PLC's
APR 224 Electrical Code - Level I
APR 225 Electrical Code - Level II
APR 225M Surface Grinding Machines and Operations
APR 226 Electrical Code - Level III
APR 227 NEC Review and Exam Preparation
APR 230 National Electrical Code
APR 250B Equity in the Trades
APR 259M CNC Programming-Lathe
APR 260 Pneumatic System Operations
APR 264 Mechanical Drive Alignment
APR 266 Predictive Maintenance Technologies
APR 268 Industrial Equipment Controls
APR 268M CNC Programming-Mill
APR 272 Machining for Industrial Maintenance
APR 274 HVAC, Steam & Hot Water Systems
APR 278M CNC Operation - Mill
APR 279M CNC Operation - Lathe