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CCOG for APR 164 Fall 2022

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APR 164
Course Title:
Industrial Blueprints & Schematics for the Trades
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Course Description

Introduces the array of blueprints, perspective drawings, and schematics found at an industrial worksite. Includes plumbing, process piping, structural, hydraulic, machining, sheet metal, welding, fabrication, electrical, and architectural prints, drawings, and schematics. Emphasizes interpretation of the specifications presented on prints, drawings, and schematics to specific types of industrial sites and equipment. Prerequisites: APR 162, and (WR 90 and RD 90) or IRW 90 and MTH 20 or equivalent placement or department permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Required Course for Apprentices registered in the Millwright/Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program. It is open to any other student but requires Department Permission to take this course.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Read and interpret complete welding symbols and prints for repair and installation of equipment in an industrial setting.
  • Apply the blueprint symbols of hydraulic, pneumatic, sheet metal, and fabrication fittings to the maintenance, repair, and installation of heavy equipment in an industrial setting.
  • Interpret the single line drawing of a plumbing or process piping system in order to maintain, repair, and install heavy industrial equipment.
  • Interpret structural blueprints for the maintenance and repair of industrial sites.
  • * Identify mechanical and/ or electrical industrial systems (* required statewide outcome).
  • * Read and Interpret trades-specific plans and drawings (* required state wide outcome).

Course Activities and Design

  • Course design will be lecture coupled with the use of a variety of blueprints, drawings, and schematics found into today's industrial worksites.
  • Course activities will center on the correct reading and interpretation of the lines and symbols on industrial blueprints, drawings,  and schematics.
  • Other Course activities will center on creating a variety of blueprints, drawings, and schematics found on industrial worksites.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment will be accomplished using skills' checklists filled out by an adequate sampling of Millwright/Industrial Maintenance Technician Training Agents and/or an Apprentice's Journey Person.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Structural blueprints including floor plan, elevation, and detail
  • Plumbing line drawings and process piping line drawings with symbols
  • Hydraulic line drawings with symbols
  • Pneumatic line drawings with symbols
  • Drawings for machining including perspective and isometric
  • Welding and fabrication blueprints
  • Industrial electrical schematics
  • Industrial electrical wiring diagrams
  • Legends for all types of blueprints and drawings
  • Assembly drawings