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CCOG for APR 102 Fall 2023

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APR 102
Course Title:
LME: DC Motors
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Course Description

Covers the principles of magnets, magnetism and electromagnetism; AC/DC generators and the process of generating a voltage; DC motors and alternating current principles, including the components of an AC sine wave/ wave-form. Electrical safety, principles of inductance, inductive reactance, capacitance and capacitive reactance, various types of capacitors, capacitor testing and their use an industrial environment will also be discussed. Prerequisites: APR 101 or TE 9631. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.       Use the general theories of magnetism, electromagnetism, and magnetic flux to discuss, explain, and apply the general operating principles of motors, transformers, inductors, capacitors, and generators for both A/C and D/C currents as applied to subsequent courses and the workplace.

2.       Describe and apply basic theory of electrical sources.*

3.       Demonstrate safe working conditions in accordance with state and federal regulations.*
* required for statewide Apprenticeship degree

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented by means of lectures and homework utilizing the course book Standard Textbook of Electricity, The American Electrician's Handbook, and a current Code Book. Student/Apprentices are required to have a calculator with capabilities for square and square root functions.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Procedures will be discussed at the first class session and the instructor's grading policy will be referenced on the class syllabus.

A Pass - No/Pass grading option is not available for any APR (Apprenticeship) course.