Sylvania Campus


Since the voters’ passage of the 2008 capital construction bond, PCC has invested $71 million in improvements and upgrades at the Sylvania Campus. Sylvania has been open since 1968, making it the college’s oldest campus. And at 122 acres and 1 million square feet of building space, it is also PCC’s largest.

Substantial renovations have been completed or are underway for most of the buildings on campus, including seismic and technology upgrades, improved lighting and acoustics, and replacement of outdated or worn equipment, furniture, carpeting and other finishes. Significant energy upgrades, such as replacing the campus’ central boiler system to increase efficiency and reduce the college’s carbon footprint, advance PCC’s Climate Action Plan.

Overall, about 170,000 square feet of classroom, laboratory and office space is being renovated. The largest project is a modernization of nearly 75 percent of the College Center. In addition, a 1,500-square-foot storage facility was built for the automotive building, and the ring road that circles the campus was completed to enhance accessibility in case of emergencies.


Add and Renovate Workforce Training, Instructional Facilities
  • Update and expand dental assisting and dental hygiene facilities to serve more students
  • Upgrade machine manufacturing, radiography, photography and design facilities
  • Renovate classrooms and update science labs, including chemistry and biology
  • Upgrade engineering facilities to add training for renewable energy systems and biomedical technology
  • Upgrade automotive facilities to add an alternative fuel program and integrate hybrid safety
  • Add classrooms to offer more courses
Renovate and Modernize Student Services Areas
  • Renovate student services areas including admissions, registration, advising, counseling, and business office, to make them more convenient to students
  • Build a new, larger child-care facility to serve more students
  • Increase space for student activities
Make Health and Safety Upgrades; Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Upgrade fire and alarm systems and lighting in parking lots and walkways
  • Install mass notification system for emergency communication
  • Make electrical and plumbing upgrades, repair and/or replace roofs
  • Replace heating, ventilating, air conditioning equipment
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings, including repair and upgrade of solar panels
  • Upgrade storm water management to prevent runoff
  • Make improvements to increase access for students with disabilities

Project Manager

Gary Sutton


Gary Sutton joined the PCC Bond Program in 2009 to manage planning and construction for three new centers: the Newberg Center, the Willow Creek Center and the Downtown Center in Portland. All three centers have been completed, leaving Gary to focus all of his attention on a much-needed facelift for PCC’s oldest campus – Sylvania. Prior to joining the bond team, Gary worked with a major general contractor in the Portland metro area for five years as a construction project manager.



PCC has contracted with Howard S. Wright to lead construction management and general contracting (CM/GC) at the Sylvania Campus. Given that the work on the campus has many smaller construction opportunities, the firm will be seeking involvement from smaller construction companies and state-certified MWESB firms (minority, women and emerging small businesses). This fits with PCC’s goals for the bond program – to reinvest bond dollars into the communities surrounding all of the college’s campuses and centers, mentoring smaller construction companies and spreading the work and opportunity out to minority and women-owned businesses and local vendors.

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