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Rock Creek Campus – Capital Improvements

Dealer Services Technology building

Project manager: Zahava Jones
Design-Build team: Robert Evans Company/CIDA
Project budget: $7,000,000
Square footage: 16,500
Timeline: February 2019 – Spring 2021
Bond program funding: 2017

Students walking around large CAT machinesStudent working on a CAT machine with a screwdriverStudent driving a CAT machineStudent working on a control panel

PCC Rock Creek is constructing a new building to support the college’s Dealer Service Technology Program and fulfill PCC’s commitment to its Caterpillar dealership partners with on-the-job training of skilled technicians. The new building will include classrooms; open industrial lab space; faculty space; tool room and additional storage space; and a large vehicle circulation yard.

PCC’s Dealer Service Technology Program combines technical and academic education with real world experience. The new facilities will allow students to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degrees in Dealer Service Technology and Caterpillar Power Generation while working on many types of Caterpillar equipment, including agricultural, construction, forestry, power generation and earthmoving equipment.

Opportunities for involvement
  • DSTB Open House: November 5, 2019
  • ThinkBIG Advisory Committee Meeting: September 19, 2019
  • Stakeholder Design Meeting (75% schematic design phase): August 14, 2019

Library remodel

Project manager: Jody Giffin
Contractors: BRIC Architecture
Project budget and square footage: TBD based on design team recommendations
Timeline: TBD
Funding: 2008 bond and RC Campus funding

Library shelves and computersPeope putting colorful sticker markers on a library blueprintPlanning blueprint surrounded by people with markers and sticky notesComfy chairs and tables at the library

In order to better serve students and promote the use of the Rock Creek Campus’ Library, P&CC is leading a redesign. This project is looking at relocating the Computer Resource Center from Building 2 to the Library along with redesigning under utilized space. The Library will continue to offer its regular services, such as reference desks, quiet study areas, meeting rooms, and the popular collaborative zone.

Opportunities for involvement
  • Open House for Your Library Space: A CRT Participatory Action Research Project, December 6, more details to come.
  • Design Session II: Wednesday, July 31, 2019
  • Design Session: Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Library User Feedback Event: May 21, 2019

Entry landscape and sign

Project manager: Zahava Jones
Contractors: Cascadia Landscape and ES&A Sign & Awning Co.
Project budget: Under $400,000
Timeline: September 2019 – June 2020
Bond program funding: 2008

To complement the realignment of Rock Creek Campus’ main entrance, P&CC has created a landscape plan that includes installing irrigation and adding mulch beds, plants, trees, shrubs and ground cover. In addition, a new campus entry sign will be installed with lighting.

Opportunities for involvement
  • Springville Road Phase II Open House: April 2, 2019

Parking lot upgrade

Project manager: Zahava Jones
Consultants: BRIC Architecture, Mazzetti/BHE Group, Landis Consulting and Ecotone
Project budget: $2,000,000
Timeline: August 2019 – September 2020
Bond program funding: 2017

Opportunities for involvement
  • Feedback Opportunity at DSTB Open House: November 5, 2019

Fuel tanks above and below ground

Project manager: Tim Kremer, timk@inicigroup.com
Consultant: EVREN Northwest Inc.
Project budget: $250,000*
Timeline: June 2019 – March 2020
Bond program funding: 2017
*District-wide budget

EVREN Northwest inc. was hired to assess the condition of existing fuel tanks at Rock Creek, Swan Island and Sylvania to provide the college with a set of recommendations based upon their findings. Recommendations will include potential increases/decreases in capacity based on existing use, potential decommissioning, relocation, disposal, or sale of the existing tanks and their contents.

Childcare Center

Project manager: Zahava Jones
Design team: Scott Edwards Architecture
Contractor: Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company
Project budget: $7,000,000
Square footage: 9,440
Timeline: May 2018 – September 2019
Bond program funding: Design 2008 bond; construction 2017 bond

Rock Creek Childcare Center playgroundRock Creek Childcare Center exteriorRock Creek Childcare Center exterior

Rock Creek Campus is now home to a new, purpose-built Childcare Center. The center opened fall 2019, with capacity to serve over 57 children while their parents study or work on campus. The facility includes four classrooms, covered outdoor play area and a nature-inspired playground. Rock Creek’s Childcare Center was designed by Scott|Edwards Architecture, which also designed the Childcare Center at Southeast Campus. Rock Creek’s new facility is on track to receive a Gold rating from Earth Advantage Commercial, a green building certification program.

Opportunities for involvement
  • Open House/Ribbon Cutting ceremony: September 17, 2019
  • Meet & Greet Fruit and Flower Childcare provider: September 4, 2019
  • Meet & Greet Fruit and Flower Childcare provider: August 23, 2019

Entry realignment

Project manager: Washington County Matt Meier & P&CC Zahava Jones
Contractors: Oregon Mainline Paving
Project budget: PCC $500,000, Washington County $5,000,000
Washington County funding: Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) and Transportation Development Tax
Timeline: February – September 2019
Bond program funding: 2008

Courtesy of Washington County

Rock Creek Campus entrance realignment diagram

Courtesy of Washington County

Rock Creek Campus entrance realignment diagram – closeup

This project, also known as Springville Road Phase II, includes realigning Rock Creek Campus’ main entrance with Northwest 178th Avenue and creating a signalized intersection to improve traffic flow and safety. This project includes the construction of bike lanes and sidewalks, as well as landscape, and street lighting. Other additional improvements part of this project include stormwater treatment and neighborhood bikeway signing and striping.

Opportunities for involvement
  • Springville Road Phase II Open House: April 2, 2019
  • Springville Road Phase II Open House: February 28, 2018

Building 7 Fume hood replacement & lab modifications

Project manager: Zahava Jones
Design team: TVA Architecture
Project budget: $700,000
Timeline: November 2019 – September 2020
Bond program funding: 2017

Building 2 upgrade

Project manager: P&CC
Design team: OPSIS Architecture
Project budget: TBD after design
Timeline: TBD
Bond program funding: 2017

Building 3 HVAC & restrooms upgrade

Project manager: P&CC
Design team: Studio Petretti Architecture
Project budget: $500,000
Timeline: TBD
Bond program funding: 2017

Building 7 roof renewal

Project manager: Gary Sutton
Contractor: Garland Company
Cost at completion: $645,809
Square footage: 25,000
Timeline: June 2018 – July 2019
Bond program funding: 2017

Building 2 boiler replacement

Project manager: Laura Ward
Contractor: JH Kelly
Cost at completion: $1,472,127
Timeline: July – November 2018
Bond program funding: 2017


If you have questions about the projects or would like to learn more about them, please contact Gina Valencia at gina.valencia@pcc.edu or 971-722-8416.