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September 2020 update

A few highlights of last month’s progress include:

  • The HT renovation project completed its design development phase.
  • Project scope and budget were defined for 15 out of 16 swing HT renovation projects.
  • The new elevator found its location within the HT building plan.
  • The design of outdoor areas surrounding the HT building progressed.
  • The first of several sets of permanent moves took place while construction for some other smaller permanent move projects started.
  • User engagement continued for several programs including Nursing, Biology, STEM tutoring, Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Music.

Permanent moves and swing space design

The team collaboratively coordinated the work needed for all of the smaller, permanent moves into an aggressive schedule. Although COVID conditions bring their own challenges, the team is using this time while the campus is closed due to the pandemic to complete construction work.

Some of the swing projects require some construction while others do not. Minor construction started in the CC building in September. When this space is ready, the College Success Skills Advising staff offices in SS will move to CC. Other areas are currently being packed and our coordination is ongoing. The moves require packing, moving, data and equipment facilitation, and furniture coordination.

Improvements to the current mechanical systems are needed due to the construction that will take place in the building and to accommodate the exhaust needs of the future Biology labs in ST. The existing Air Handling Unit (AHU) within the penthouse will be replaced and the new AHU will provide a new dedicated lab exhaust. This decision was guided by college stewardship, which considered sustainable building practices. The new system will provide the building with flexibility to accommodate changes in the future.

HT design

The project team refined concepts for the consolidated office layout taking into consideration the users’ needs and concerns. The consolidated office layout offers flexible spaces for faculty and staff, multiple small meeting rooms to accommodate private conversations with students, a medium-size conference room, and a staff break room. More user engagement will be sought this fall to continue improving these plans.

The team also reviewed the inclusion of a multi-purpose, large-capacity space as part of this renovation. This space would increase Sylvania’s ability to host college-wide events. There will be multiple opportunities for stakeholder engagement throughout the fall regarding this space.

The team explored green building certification and had focus meetings to understand the requirements for LEED and WELL certifications. The HT building renovation will pursue LEED for Building Design + Construction certification.

Another important development that occurred in September is the progress on the design of the outdoor areas on the south and east sides of the HT building. The eastern outdoor space between the HT and CT buildings provides outdoor learning and interaction opportunities for students and staff. The southern outdoor space between HT and the CC building is designed to open the connection between the buildings, invite the campus community to interact, and spend time outdoors. Plans include the removal of the existing restroom tower on the south side of the HT, which will open the area up to accommodate a large lawn area, garden beds, and a series of tables and benches to allow for outdoor small group and individual seating options.