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November 2021 update

Highlights of the progress on the HT project during November 2021 are below.

  • Construction of permanent all-user restrooms and a private shower and dressing room on HT level 2 was completed.
  • All nonstructural elements at HT east side level 1 were removed.
  • Seismic upgrades are underway on the HT east side, including grade beams, tie-backs, and micropiles.
Stalls doors at new all-user restrooms in HT level 2

Full height partition all-user restroom stalls at HT level 2

Opening through the HT building where once the staircase used to be, construction crew installing guardrails and lights

HT atrium, demolition complete; structural work now underway

Construction workers on ladders preparing existing beams

Preparation of existing beams for new concrete shear walls

Workers at the basement of HT working with machinery that is perforating the slab

Micropile installation at HT basement

The new all-user restrooms in HT level 2 at the southside of the Gym are now open for students and staff. These all-user restrooms include full partition stalls, an ADA single restroom, and an ADA shower and dressing room.

Soft demolition in the HT’s east side is now complete. The soft demolition involved safely removing material inside and outside the building, such as non-structural walls, doors, windows, flooring, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixtures.

The concrete stair and interior elevator at the heart of the HT atrium were removed leaving a great opening on each floor. The crew installed guardrails around the building openings as well as temporary lighting throughout the construction zones for safety.

During November, the general contractor focused on structural demolition, concrete shear wall preparation, and micropiles installation. The concrete shear walls and micropiles are structural upgrades to the building.

Micropile installation at the HT basement and level 1 areas is underway. The process has gone well and is currently on schedule to complete in late February 2022. As part of the structural work, the crews installed a series of soil-anchored tie-backs. These tie-backs are temporary and allow the contractor to safely remove existing slabs and structural elements of the building while preparing to install new grade beams, shear walls, and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer). FRP is a product that provides strength and stiffness to the existing structural components within HT.

For more information, refer to the General Contractor monthly report.