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September 2021 update

Highlights of the progress on the HT project during September 2021 are below.

  • Construction for all swing projects is now completed.
  • Contractor crews set up safety precautions surrounding the active construction zone in HT including fence installation and finalizing their logistics plan.
  • Wayfinding signs for detours around the construction area were installed.
  • A tree protection plan was installed on the site.
  • Abatement testing was performed at the HT building and subcontractors are proceeding with abatement material removal.
  • Soft demolition has just started in HT.
  • New all-user restrooms in HT Level 2 are under construction targeting completion by mid-November 2021.
HT atrium, first floor stair being demolished

Building atrium with dust protection nets during stair demolition

First floor stair of HT being demolished

HT first floor stair being demolished

All the projects that will enable programs to have a location while the major renovation of the HT building takes place have been completed. These 12+ projects, known as swing spaces, ranged from temporary to permanent and required extensive planning and coordination with several campus partners. The project team continues to work on closeout items and equipment commissioning for the two permanent moves of the Biology suite located in the Sylvania ST building and Medical Imaging in the HT basement.

The abatement was completed on the third floor of the HT building, and the crew moved to the second floor. The contractor also started a five-week soft demolition task which will last until early November. The project team is monitoring the noise levels in the active construction zone. A noise and vibration study will be issued in October identifying a noise level baseline and helping determine expectations.

The project general contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis continues their work in reaching PCC’s goals for hiring a diverse workforce and advancing the participation of women and minorities in the trades. In addition, the contractor is active in becoming trained and implementing the RISE Up program that promotes respectful workplaces.

The major renovation for the east side of the HT building begins this month.

For more information, refer to the General Contractor Monthly report.