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August 2021 update

Below are some progress highlights of the HT project.

  • The Biology suite on the second floor of Sylvania’s ST building received substantial completion on September 1; furniture and lab materials are being installed in preparation for fall term.
  • The temporary spaces for the Nursing Skills Lab (at the Heat Plant) and offices (at the Library) were completed allowing for users’ belongings to be moved in.
  • Construction is underway for new, permanent all-user restrooms and a private shower and dressing room on the second floor of Sylvania HT. This work will be completed in mid-November and will provide access to facilities during the major renovation.
  • Pre-construction activities related to the HT building renovation started in August and will continue into September.
New Biology lab at Sylvania ST building

New Biology lab at Sylvania’s ST building

The project team is focused on wrapping up the construction of the enabling spaces by fall term. In addition to that, much of the work has focused on planning the pre-construction activities that will be implemented starting in September. The pre-construction work includes developing site logistics, setting the construction fence and barriers as well as preparing for construction traffic and materials management.

The campus can expect noticeable activity during the first months of construction of the HT; however, disruption will be minimal outside of the jobsite. The early construction phase includes demolition, abatement, and seismic/structural improvements. Due to the nature of these early activities, heavy equipment is needed along with large crew sizes and truck traffic.

The general contractor team is working to mitigate impacts on students, staff, and faculty once construction begins.

Construction for the HT building is slated to start in October 2021 and completion is anticipated for spring 2023.

For more information, refer to the General Contractor monthly report.