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October 2021 update

Below are some progress updates regarding the HT project.

  • Walls and nonstructural elements at HT east side levels 2 and 3 were removed.
  • Demolition removing the HT building concrete stairs was finished.
  • The temporary areas for the Nursing Skills Lab (at the Heat Plant) and offices (at the Library) are fully operational.
  • The Medical Simulation lab built at Cascade Campus Public Service Education Building became operational providing continuity to nursing simulation classes.
  • The Biology renovation in the ST building is nearing completion.
  • Construction continues for the permanent all-user restrooms and a private shower and dressing room on the second floor of the HT, opening mid-November.
View of floors where only the cement floor, ceilings and columns are left

Crossectional, building structure left after soft demolition on levels 3 and 2 seeing from the building atrium

Panoramic view of level 3 of the HT showing concrete floor, ceiling and columns

HT level 3 after soft demolition

Aerial photo of first floor in the HT near the elevator where once stood the concrete stair

HT level 1 debris after stair demolition

Work has continued to deliver the Biology suite in the ST building. Commissioning of new equipment is ongoing, while the contractor resolves small items identified over the last few weeks.

Soft demolition on the east side of HT levels 2 and 3 is now complete. The contractor is moving forward with this task through level 1. Soft demolition involves the safe removal of material inside and outside the building, including doors, windows, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, drywall, and bathroom fixtures. The abatement was also completed last month.

The construction crew has uncovered the ‘building bones’ that will continue to support the HT as it gets renovated.

Because of the large amount of demolition on the site, a noise and vibration study was performed in October to help identify a noise level baseline and determine expectations. The findings showed that the peak sound level was less than 70 dBA at all locations. This level is well within the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exposure levels.

Next month, the general contractor will focus on structural demolition, FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic) installation, and micropiles installation. FRP and micropiles installation are structural upgrades to the building. Micropiles provide foundational support and the FRP provides support to the building structural components such as the slab, beams, and columns.

For more information, refer to the General Contractor monthly report.