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January 2020 update

Over the last couple of months, the team has analyzed and vetted renovation concept options and started the design for “swing space”, planned for the Sustainability Workshops, and kicked off the three-month schematic design phase.

Swing space

Most programs and departments that occupy the HT building will need to relocate somewhere else so they are able to continue operating during the renovation. Swing space planning addresses the logistics of where and when the occupants will move. Some programs will move temporarily during construction and others permanently. The plan includes adding some temporary modular units (temporary, portable building structures) onto campus during construction to provide some swing space.

Coordinating swing spaces and creating a plan has involved a great number of campus and district stakeholders. The team has devoted much time to examining multiple options and analyzing each of the scenarios, and involving campus and district decision-makers to find solutions. Our team is close to finishing the swing space plan that will be implemented.