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CDS Mail & Package Delivery Notice

During the college’s period of remote operations, Central Distribution Services will operate daily, Monday through Friday from 8am – 4:00pm (subject to change). CDS will continue to receive all inbound deliveries from FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and LTL carriers. All items will be received in the Q-TRAK system with a time and date stamp. Mail will be picked up daily at the Post Office and brought to CDS to be sorted by Campus/Learning Center.

During our remote operations, mail and deliveries will be handled in the following manner:

  • Packages, boxes, and oversized items will be kept at the CDS for delivery when campuses open.
  • Prior to ordering large pieces of equipment, college staff shall contact the CDS Manager to ensure CDS has the weight and size capacity to move the equipment from the CDS warehouse to the campuses. All shipments of large equipment must be coordinated with CDS, the campus representative, college purchasing, and the vendor, to ensure appropriate shipping instructions and contact information are included with the shipment. In addition, the ordering department must also include in their planned purchase, any provisions for removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment, when applicable.
  • Mail sorted by campus will be delivered once a week to the President’s Office on the Sylvania Campus. Jeannie Moton, executive coordinator for President Mitsui’s office and the elected Board of Directors, will sort through mail, looking for time-sensitive and other important items. She will open the mail and email the appropriate individuals if necessary, as well as scan documents as needed. The parsed mail will then be returned to CDS for delivery when campuses open.
  • Direct mail delivery will be mated to the Downtown Center based on a delivery schedule agreed upon by CDS and Downtown Center Managers.
  • All deliveries scheduled to made to campuses, centers, or other locations (besides the bookstore) should be redirected to CDS for safekeeping. Please inform your carrier. Any hazardous materials or prohibited items that cannot be delivered by CDS personal will be delivered by an authorized carrier when campuses open.

Please contact Carlo DeMarco, CDS Manager, directly for any questions or special instructions. He can be reached at carlo.demarco@pcc.edu, and at 971.722.7250. CDS is able to refrigerate and freeze items if this is necessary.


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CDS supports PCC’s mission and strategic plan through support services that keep the college committed to delivering student success with effective mail delivery, library book transfers, shipping & receiving, office supplies, warehousing, public sales, property/asset management, equipment surplus/transfer, fleet management and moves.

Shipping and Warehouse Address: 6713 SW Bonita Rd., Bldg. C, Ste 200, Portland, OR 97224.

  • ALL packages must be shipped to the CDS warehouse unless pre-authorized by the CDS shipping and receiving clerk.  Any packages containing hazardous materials, e.g., chemicals for labs, hazardous labeled products and “live” specimen must be shipped directly to the ordering department.
  • Receiving Clerk can be reached at 971-722-7104

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Carlo DeMarcoCarlo DeMarco

Central Distribution Services Manager