Property Control: Capital Assets, Sales, Donations, Loans, and Trade-ins

  1. PCC capital equipment is defined as any single piece of major equipment (equipment furniture, vehicles, machinery) purchased with college funds at a cost of $5,000 or more, or accepted as an in-kind donation by the PCC Foundation, a PCC department, or the property coordinator on behalf of PCC with a declared value of $5,000 or more for each piece of equipment.
  2. Items identified as capital equipment by Property Control and General Accounting will have a six-digit barcode tag applied, and the asset will be recorded in the college’s Capital Asset Log for that fiscal year.
    • Reviews are conducted quarterly by Property Control and General Accounting, of capital purchases made through a purchase order (PO) or procurement card (P-Card). Information from each quarter is submitted to Financial Services management towards the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for that fiscal year.
    • Any equipment purchased for under $5,000, except for automobiles and artwork, is defined as minor equipment and not tagged and recorded in the capital asset log.
    • Real property (land and permanent structures) is not classified as capital equipment and is not tracked by Property Control.
  3. The policies and procedures for accepting donations to the college are administered by PCC Foundation Operations. For more information on how to accept an in-kind donation, visit the following link, PCC Foundation Operations: In-Kind Donations.
  4. All equipment (capital and minor) deemed no longer useful by its assigned department becomes surplus and may be disposed of per the options below.
    • Repurposing (a new use is found for the item somewhere else in PCC)
    • Sale through public auction (e.g.,
    • Trade-in toward a new departmental purchase
    • Donation to an eligible institution outside of PCC
    • Recycling
  5. Computer equipment (desktop, laptop, tablet, server) needs to be wiped of all data, with any login credentials unlocked (iCloud). Please contact Information Technology (IT) to pick up computer equipment for data sanitization. IT will send the equipment to surplus once they have verified all the data is erased.
  6. Departments that intend to loan equipment to an outside learning institution (e.g., high school or college) are to contact the Purchasing Department for approval. Once approval is granted, and the applicable forms are signed by the involved parties, the department will send a copy to Property Control to verify if the equipment is a capital asset, and update its status in the Capital Asset Log.
  7. Departments planning to trade in old equipment towards a new purchase need to complete a PCC Property Trade-in form and send it to Property Control for review. They will forward it to Purchasing as part of the procurement process for the new equipment.
  8. Please contact the CDS Property Coordinator for questions regarding surplus equipment available for repurposing, and/or to schedule a date to view surplus at the CDS warehouse.
  9. For all inquiries regarding tagging and recording of capital assets, receiving in-kind donations, equipment trade-ins, and the disposition of PCC surplus equipment, please contact Dennis Gonzalez, Property Coordinator.