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Property control, capital assets, sales, donations, loans, and trade-ins

Property control

  1. PCC property including equipment, art, and capital assets is defined as anything bought with PCC money or accepted as a donation by the PCC Foundation, a PCC department, or the Property Coordinator on behalf of PCC. Once a department decides that it no longer needs a piece of property, the item becomes surplus and may be disposed of per the options below:
    • Repurposing (a new use is found for the item somewhere else within PCC)
    • Donation to an eligible institution outside of PCC
    • Donations made to PCC (PCC Foundation Gift-in-Kind or directly to a Department)
    • Trade-in toward a new departmental purchase
    • Temporary loan to another eligible institution
    • Sale through public auction
    • Recycling
  2. For step by step instructions on how to initiate one of the ways to dispose of surplus listed above, click on this link: Step by Step Guide to Disposing of Surplus
  3. Please contact Dennis Gonzalez at 971-722-7276 or dennis.gonzalez@pcc.edu with any questions regarding accepting or disposing of PCC property or equipment (including donations) prior to submitting a Surplus Form.