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Archives storage, retrieval, and destruction

Instructions and procedures regarding Archives – Storage/Retrieval/Destruction Procedures. Carlo De Marco (Central Distribution Services Manager) will be the focal point for PCC for storing, requesting and destroying archives through Data Safe. Laura Rivera will be the backup if Carlo is not available.

If you need an archive box please send Carlo and email and cc Laura on the distribution list with the following information:

  • Data Safe Barcode # (I will send a list of all the archives to Bethany Ebersole who can forward it on to the proper dept.
  • Description or header on the box
  • Box # if applicable
  • Carlo will forward the information to Data Safe regarding pick-ups, deliveries, or additions of new archives to Data Safe. Please work through Carlo. No phone calls or emails to Data Safe…

Pickups and deliveries

  • Standard Delivery – Email Data Safe by 2pm – Delivery will occur next business day
  • Same day Delivery – Email Data Safe by 10am – Delivery will occur by end of business day
  • Rush Delivery – Email Data Safe by 12noon – Delivery will occur within 3hrs

Adding new archives

  • Email Carlo with number of boxes to be picked up and when
  • Ensure that each records box has a description or content details, box # (i.e. 1/5 etc.) and a destruction date
  • Place a Work Order into AiMs and have it setup as a Move or Transfer Request
  • CDS Team will pick up the archives and bring them back to the warehouse
  • CDS Team will call Data Safe and have them come to the warehouse to pick-up the archives
  • CDS Team will fill out the necessary paperwork requested by Data Safe and forward it to them

Contact information