Make a request

Facilities service requests, key/access requests, project/space requests, and capital equipment requests use our ReADY system. See the ReADY request first-time user guide to set up your ReADY account for the first time.

Make a request

This software may cause barriers for those using assistive, or accessibility-related technologies. If you encounter barriers, contact the Access Tech Team at or by calling 971-722-TECH (971-722-8324).

  • By phone: Call 971-722-4800. We will be using the same ReADY system to walk you through your request.
  • Outside business hours: Call Public Safety at 971-722-4902 for urgent requests outside of normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm).

Project or space and capital equipment requests

  • A project or space request should be submitted when you are asking for something new and you believe the cost will exceed $5,000. Otherwise, submit a service request.
  • A capital equipment request is used whenever you wish to purchase anything over $150,000. These requests will be reviewed by the College Budget Office.
  • For both a project and capital equipment request the system will send an email to your org code financial approver. This is based on the finance approval queues for requisitions list.
  • The approvers are those with Level 20 authority. The approver will need to respond through ReADY to move the request forward.

FMS employees

FMS Employees can still log into AiM as needed.