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Brass key requests FAQs

These FAQs apply to PCC brass keys that open doors (not cabinets, padlocks, or card access readers)

Who can request keys?
  • Administrative support staff and managers may request keys.
  • All other PCC staff must contact their department admin or manager for door key requests.
  • Vendors and others not employed by PCC must go through a PCC department that will be responsible for tracking their keys and ensuring they are returned.
How are keys requested?
Who authorizes keys?
  • General-purpose classroom keys are authorized by admins or managers and the Lock Shop.
  • Office keys are authorized by a department manager and the Lock Shop.
  • Campus master keys are authorized by Public Safety, Facilities Management, and the Lock Shop.
  • District master keys are authorized by the directors of Public Safety, Facilities Management Services, and the Lock Shop.
How are keys issued?
  • Keys are issued to staff from the campus Public Safety Department offices. Staff must show identification in order to pick up keys.
  • Keys may be picked up by a delegate, however their name must be provided in the key request.
Who is responsible for tracking college keys?
  • The Lock Shop is responsible for assigning and tracking keys in a secure system.
  • PCC managers are responsible for returning keys to the Lock Shop at SY CSB 314 when staff end employment, transfer departments, or the keys are no longer needed.
  • Admins and managers are responsible for tracking their department staff keys and ensuring PCC keys are returned when staff no longer need them.
Are PCC keys transferable from one employee to another?
  • An authorized person may transfer keys from one PCC employee to another in their department. They must send an email to: with the stamping on the keys (i.e. BA10 C120) and the employees’ names and G numbers they are transferring keys to and from.
What should I do if the keys are lost or stolen?
Can I duplicate my PCC keys?
  • Duplicating any PCC brass door key is not allowed.
  • Additional keys may be requested through ReADY.

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