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Fleet vehicle fuel cards

Issuing PCC fuel cards to employees

College fuel cards are only issued to authorized staff for fueling PCC vehicles and equipment at the Sylvania and Rock Creek campuses.

The procedure to request a fuel card is as follows:

  • A written or email request from the Dept. Manager for each employee that requires a fuel card.
  • The staff member is provided the PCC Fuel Card Agreement document, with an acknowledgment form which is to be signed and returned to Central Distribution Services (CDS).
  • After Employee successfully completes the Fuel Island Safety Training Class administered by the Environment Health & Safety department, CDS will issue the Fuel Card.

Users are required to enter the following information at the Fuel Island Card Reader (Fuel Site Controller):

  • Your PIN Number
  • Vehicle License (or Equipment) number
  • Pump Number (for Unleaded or Diesel pump)

Every fuel island transaction is captured including:

  • Card number
  • “PIN” number
  • License (or equipment) number
  • Date and time of transaction
  • Fuel type
  • Amount of fuel dispensed

Any lost or stolen cards must be reported as soon as possible. Additionally, Managers are required to collect and return fuel cards to CDS when:

  • Employee terminates employment with PCC
  • Employee transfers to another department

CDS may deactivate any card when:

  • Card has not been used for an extended period of time
  • Concern for misuse exists


Central Distribution Services (CDS)
6713 SW Bonita Rd, Bldg C Ste 200, Portland OR  97224