Environmental Health and Safety

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The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department supports the mission of the PCC by promoting health, safety and environmental protection throughout the District with the objective of maintaining a safe learning and working environment. EHS provides leadership in developing and supporting high quality policies, procedures, programs and training opportunities in support of the protection of life, property, and the environment.

Programs include disciplines such as: environmental management (air, soil, water), hazardous material and waste, environmental health, public health, fire safety, chemical hygiene, radiation safety, biohazard, construction, food and occupational safety.

Policies & Procedures

Environmental Compliance


Chemical Management



                                                                                        Right-Click on Training                                 Calendar   (to view)New Employee Safety Orientation Class Schedule



Link to On-Line SAFETY VIDEOS list (Access User Name:  OregonOSHA   Password:Library)

Example:  Oregon OSHA’s Practical Approach to Ladder Safety (English and Spanish)

LINK to OSHA On-Line Safety Training Videos

Safety Compliance


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Cheryl Arpan

Environmental Health & Safety Manager


Senior Environmental Health & Occupational Safety Specialist


Environmental Health & Occupational Safety Specialist