Safety training at PCC begins during new employee onboarding, with an employee’s first week of employment, and continues with additional training topics depending on an employee’s job duties.

EH&S is in the process of transitioning our training to be more interactive, accessible, and inclusive. As we complete these updates, we will be linking the updated training courses here. Stay tuned for more. Updated training now available:

Employee Training Resources

Employees can access EH&S safety training through PCC’s Learning Management System, MyCareer@PCC.

PCC provides accommodation for employees who experience disabilities to ensure all are able to participate in employment-related activities. Please make requests for accommodation by emailing or calling 971-722-5869 at least five (5) working days before the date of need.

Resources for navigating MyCareer@PCC and completing training are available from Culture Transformation & Development.

Manager Training Resources

EH&S has developed a curriculum for all PCC managers, Management Resources for Environmental Health & Safety Compliance. This new management safety “toolbox” has been developed to support PCC’s organizational efforts to build an environment of preparedness and employee well-being.

Managers should use the New Employee Department Safety Checklist to review department-specific hazards with their employees.

Resources for assigning training, reviewing employee transcripts, and running team reports can be found on the Culture Transformation & Development Managers page. Resource documents are also available below: