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Safety training at PCC begins during new employee onboarding, during an employee’s first week of employment, and continues with additional training topics depending on an employee’s job duties.

For more information on what trainings are available and which departments are impacted, review EH&S’s training charts.

Highlighted Training Image of the OSHA NIOSH Heat Index App

EH&S has created two training curricula to comply with the new OR-OSHA Heat Illness Prevention standard, which requires training for both affected employees as well as their managers. This standard requires training prior to working in an environment which has an apparent temperature of 80 degrees F or more. Since temperatures in our region can often exceed an apparent heat of 80 degrees F, it is recommended that the training be assigned and completed before temperatures rise.

Employee Training for Heat Illness Prevention

Manager Training for Heat Illness Prevention

Additional training topics:

Employee Training Resources

Employees can access EH&S safety training through PCC’s Learning Management System, MyCareer@PCC.

New employees must complete all portions of New Employee Safety Orientation, including completing the New Employee Safety Training Checklist.

Resources for navigating MyCareer@PCC and completing training are available from Professional & Organizational Development.

Manager Training Resources

Resources for assigning training, reviewing employee transcripts, and running team reports can be found on the HR onboarding new employees page. Resource documents are also available below: