Energy Management

Rock Creek Boiler Project

RC Boiler Project
RC Boiler Project #2

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Services PCC through energy management and utility tracking, allowing the college to meet the President’s Climate Commitment, and provide a compliant and healthy educational environment.

  • Since 2011, PCC reduced utility costs (±$690,000) from implemented energy projects, despite an increase in square footage.
  • Accordingly, PCC’s carbon footprint has been reduced by 3,867 tons of CO2 or 530 cars off the road.
  • In FY 2016, in addition to cash incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon, PCC further reduced utility costs (±$416,000) from implemented energy efficiency projects.
  • PCC participates in Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offered by the Energy Trust of Oregon area cohort.
  • SEM promotes and supports energy savings efforts, as well as provides training and networking opportunities.
  • PCC utilizes a state of the art energy management control system in all campus buildings that allows:
    • Remote monitoring and control of building HVAC functions.
    • Trending and graphics to support troubleshooting of HVAC issues.
    • Energy Management through scheduling of large HVAC systems.

Energy Resource Manager

Adam Holzschuh