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The department provides a clean and safe learning environment and cleans the equivalent of over 1500 homes (@1,600 SF) daily. Based on the previous years’ Sightlines survey, PCC student headcount and employee traffic use are more than several major cities in the Portland metro area. The Custodial team currently services all sites, except Hillsboro and Vanport. The team also provides event set-ups ranging from small to large events, with an average of 5-8 events daily. Custodial responsibilities also include snow removal, outside stairs, walkways, and specialty areas (e.g. kitchen and child care).

Custodial Shifts:

Limited Operations Temporary Shift: 6am-2:30pm

Joe Gamble

Facilities Operations Manager

Jampa Yangon

Campus Custodial Manager

Steve FrasierSteve Frasier

Campus Custodial Manager

Lance NagasawaLance Nagasawa

Campus Custodial Manager

Damascus Hopes Damascus Hopes

Campus Custodial Manager