Board Member Attendance at State and National Meetings - B 210

The Board of Directors recognizes the benefits derived by the college through membership in various educational organizations and from the attendance of Board members at state and national meetings that deal with community college issues.

Board of Directors Designation of Delegates to Out-of-State Conventions and Meetings

Board shall designate delegates to various state and national conventions and meetings as may seem desirable.

The Board Secretary shall poll the Board members for expressions of interest in attending state and national meetings. The Board Secretary shall present the expressions of interest of individual Board members to attend such meetings to the Chairperson. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall present to the Board a slate of delegates to attend an out-of-state national meeting. The slate of delegates to a national meeting shall be presented to, and acted upon, by the Board at its regular meeting no later than 30 days prior to the date of the national meeting. The Board Chairperson, in consultation with the Vice-Chairperson and the College President, shall determine if there are sufficient funds to warrant attendance at the meetings requested by the Board members.

Board members attending such meetings at college expense shall complete travel authorization forms prior to attendance and coordinate travel arrangements with the President's or Board Secretary’s office. Board members attending statewide and national conventions will be granted an advance or reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses related to their travel. Such expenses will cover only days requested to be in attendance and normal travel time to and from destination. Board members shall submit expense reports to the college promptly upon completion of the travel.

A written or verbal report to the Board of meeting highlights will be submitted to the Board Secretary by all participants.

(December 2003)