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Board Duties and Responsibilities – B 214

The Board of Education is the governing body of the Portland Community College District pursuant to ORS Chapter 341. The primary duty of the Board under ORS Chapter 341 is to adopt policies for the general governance of Portland Community College. The Board will consider, review and act upon the recommendation of the President in matters of policy pertaining to the current and future welfare of the Portland Community College District. The Board will approach its task in a manner that emphasizes strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, and will keep its major focus on the long-term effectiveness of the college.

Powers and Duties of the Board

The Board shall:

  • Review and adopt Board policy and ensure implementation of Board policy by the President;

  • Exercise oversight of the College including president’s evaluation, policy development, budget planning, and strategic planning;

  • Recruit, appoint, compensate, and evaluate the President;

  • Review and approve the budget pursuant to Local Budget Law;

  • Levy taxes within the authority of the college;

  • Remain current on college programs and monitor college progress on goals;

  • Decide, after consultation with the President, on all questions to be referred by the college to the voters of the district;

  • Review and approve classification and compensation structures, personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements;

  • Approve the purchase or sale of real property;

  • Approve the lease of real property that has a contract value of $150,000 or more;

  • Collaborate with other Oregon community colleges to support the mission of community colleges;

  • Approve contracts except as such authority may be delegated to the President;

  • Conduct an annual evaluation of the Board’s performance in providing leadership to the college community.

  • Exercise such other powers and duties as may be required by law and are not delegated to the President.

Relationship with the President

  • The Board has established the office of President and set forth the powers and duties of the office pursuant to board policy B 213. The Board and the President will respect each other’s role, responsibility and expertise.

  • Evaluation of President. The Board will conduct an annual evaluation of the President.

  • Relationship to be collaborative. The Board recognizes that an open, honest and trusting relationship between the Board and the President is essential to the successful operation of the college and fulfillment of its mission. In addition, the Board recognizes that in order to provide the most effective leadership, Board members need to work collaboratively, respect one another and be committed to working together as a team.

(Revised July 2010)