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BP 1201 – Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Portland Community College is based on the belief that all citizens of the area are entitled to those programs and services of the college from which they can benefit.

This premise underscores the importance of presenting these programs and services in a manner that will help people to:

  • Live creative, humane, healthy and sensitive lives.
  • Recognize, accept and encourage differences in personal, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Relate to others openly and responsibly.
  • Acquire the tools and motivation to continue learning throughout life.
  • Develop an appreciation for all occupations, recognizing that dignity and honor come from a task well done rather than from the status of a vocation.
  • Acquire the skills necessary for earning a living in a way that will promote the general welfare.
  • Prepare for a beneficial use of leisure.

This policy replaces B 102.

December 2003