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BP 1204 – Continuous Improvement

The Board of Directors encourages all college employees to commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of college life. The Board of Directors endorses the following principles as an approach to achieving quality:

Portland Community College will focus its energies, resources and talents on meeting the needs of our students and community, and in support of that goal, the service needs of each other.

Portland Community College will commit itself to continuous improvement of all its programs, services and systems through planning and the establishment of specific goals.

Portland Community College will commit itself to continuous assessment based on established goals and benchmarks.

Portland Community College will place special emphasis on collaboration through teamwork in the pursuit of quality.

Portland Community College will expect all its employees to participate in the solution of problems and improvement of systems, programs and services, in the belief that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Portland Community College will encourage and support innovation in the belief that contemporary problems require contemporary solutions.

(December 2003)