Purchasing and Contracting – B 505

The board of directors is designated as the local contract review Board for the college. In this capacity the board has the authority to change and establish all purchasing and contracting policies for the college in compliance with all ORS Chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C.

The Board of Directors, acting as the local contract review Board, shall periodically adopt updated public contracting rules for the college. Acting as the local contract review board, they may also grant specific exemptions from the adopted college rules.

Additionally the Board of Directors must approve procurement contracts in excess of $150,000. In instances where time delay will potentially cause harm to the college, procurement contracts in excess of $150,000 may be authorized by the president and ratified by Board resolution. Board approval is not needed for required expenses in excess of $150,000 that lack acquisition choices or purchase goods or services for resale. Some examples are payments of utility charges, state and federal taxes, OPSRP (PERS) contributions, other college wide employee benefits and textbooks for students.

(April 2009)