Portland Community College President Emeritus Policy – B 215

The Board of Directors of Portland Community College may grant President Emeritus status to a retiring or retired college president. President Emeritus status should be reserved to honor, in retirement, a college president who has provided outstanding and distinguished service to Portland Community College and has served a significant portion of their career at the college. Outstanding and distinguished service is defined as service which goes beyond the normal duties and responsibilities of the appointment, and which have had extraordinary impact on the college and/or broader community. Emeritus status is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and contributions to the College, exemplifying the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, civic responsibility, vision and leadership. The designation identifies the college president as a continuing member of the college community. The title of President Emeritus may be awarded posthumously.

Nomination and Approval

A member of the PCC Board of Directors may nominate a retiring or retired college president to become President Emeritus. The title must be approved by a majority vote of the PCC Board of Directors.

Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities

In addition to the benefits and privileges received by all retired faculty and staff, a college president granted emeritus status will also receive:

  • A resolution naming and honoring the college president as President Emeritus;
  • Listing in the college catalog and website;
  • Use of the title “President Emeritus” in community and professional activities;
  • Invitations to college events and activities; and
  • The option to participate in commencement exercises.

The current College President may call upon the President Emeritus to provide counsel or to serve in various volunteer roles and/or capacities in support of the college. Presidents Emeriti are not required to continue to serve the college community.

The title of President Emeritus confers no remuneration, rights to employment, or benefit in addition to those provided above. Presidents Emeriti do not exercise any of the authority or administrative functions associated with holding a staff position at the college.

The Board of Directors retains the authority to withdraw a President Emeritus title at its discretion as it deems necessary and appropriate.

(June 2013)