Alcohol and Controlled Substances – B 304

The manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of alcoholic liquor, intoxicants or controlled substances not medically prescribed, or being under the influence of these to any degree by any employee in or about the college buildings or on the college premises or while performing any duties for the college is prohibited and is cause for suspension and/or dismissal. If the employee is not dismissed, suspension may be imposed in combination with a requirement to complete a drug or alcohol treatment and rehabilitation.

All employees are required to abide by this alcohol and drug-free workplace policy. In addition, they shall notify the Office of Human Resources within five days of their conviction for a violation of substance abuse laws involving the workplace, or if they became aware that another employee has been convicted of such a violation.

Employees may seek referral assistance from the Office of Human Resources in connection with alcohol or drug-related problems. Reasonable efforts shall be made to handle such requests confidentially. Requests for assistance are encouraged and will not themselves be considered as ground for dismissal. Such requests shall not, however excuse violations prohibited by this policy.

The provisions of this policy regarding dispensing, possession or use of alcoholic liquor may be suspended temporarily for specified and approved social functions as approved by the Campus President where such function will occur.

(January 2004)