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BP 2360 Minutes

The Board of Directors will assign responsibility for taking minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors. The minutes shall record all actions of the Board of Directors. The minutes shall be public records and shall be available to the public. If requested, the minutes shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats so as to be accessible to persons with a disability. The minutes shall record all actions taken by the Board of Directors.

Pursuant to Oregon law, the minutes shall also include at least the following information:

  • a) All members of the governing body present;
  • b) All motions, proposals, resolutions, orders, ordinances and measures proposed and their disposition;
  • c) The results of all votes and, except for public bodies consisting of more than 25 members unless requested by a member of that body, the vote of each member by name;
  • d) The substance of any discussion on any matter;
  • e) Subject to ORS 192.311 to 192.478 relating to public records, a reference to any document discussed at the meeting.

(June 2021)

ORS 192.650

This replaces B202 Board Operations and Bylaws: Minutes.