Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon Portland Community College

2021-2022 Board Goals

PCC's Strategic Plan: Belonging, Workforce, Delivery, and Enterprise


Strategic goal: Ensure that the Board of Directors and the President advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in measurable and strategic ways.

  • Increase the recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees of color.
  • Increase the awarding of contracts to D/M/W/ESB/SDV companies.
  • Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into its policymaking processes and all board functions.


Strategic goal: The board holds itself and the college president accountable for improving equitable student success.

  • Improve access, retention, and completion rates for all students; while reducing and eliminating disparities in these rates for low-income students and students of color.
  • Utilize personal and professional networks to establish new strategic partnerships that bring new resources to the goal of improving outcomes for students (e.g., resources that address student housing and food insecurity, the PCC Campaign for Opportunity, etc.).


Strategic goal: Through the development of policy, a strong relationship with the college president and effective public advocacy, ensure that Portland Community College is well-positioned to meet the current and future needs of the communities it serves.

  • Hire and onboard PCC’s 8th President and communicate the PCC governance structure
  • Coordinate and strengthen strategic advocacy with city, county, regional, state, and federal governments.
  • Continue strategic oversight of college performance.
  • Prepare for the 2022 Bond Measure.
  • Engage in Board development by participating in evaluations, professional development and trainings.
  • Support and actively contribute to the successful completion of reaccreditation.


Strategic goal: Advocate for workforce development.

  • Review strategic-level workforce data to support alignment of pathways to close talent and opportunity gaps and move students into quality, livable wage careers, increasing economic mobility.
  • Advocate for state investments in community colleges to promote equitable workforce development.
  • Assist in cultivating donors and leveraging private/public partnerships that contribute leading edge training equipment for PCC programs.

Adopted November 18, 2021