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College Board Policy 703 B: Naming of College Facilities, Programs, and Positions

The PCC Board of Directors has sole authority over the naming of College campuses, sites, buildings, facilities, parts of facilities, and faculty and staff positions. The Board recognizes the symbolic significance to the College and to the community associated with the naming of facilities, parts of facilities, programs, and faculty and staff positions in honor of individuals, families, entities or organizations that have made important contributions to the College and community.

The College will consider the following two general categories of naming opportunities for individuals, families, entities, or organizations:

  • Philanthropic Naming – Consideration for naming of a College facility, parts of facilities, program, faculty or staff position may be given in recognition of substantial financial gifts to the College or PCC Foundation. The PCC Foundation Board will make recommendations to the PCC President regarding naming proposals and agreements that recognize philanthropic contributions, for approval by the PCC Board of Directors. Each philanthropic naming proposal will have a specific naming agreement prepared by the PCC Foundation outlining the naming provisions, recognition/stewardship, time duration, relevant history or experience suitable for nomination, significant honors and resume/bio of donor, and the expectations of the College and the donor. The Foundation Board will review and approve each naming agreement (involving financial contributions) before forwarding to the College President. The College President will perform the final review and forward to the College Board of Directors.
  • Honorary Naming – Portland Community College considers the naming of a College facility, parts of facilities, programs, and faculty/staff positions in honor of an individual, family, entity, or organization to be one of the highest recognitions that the College can bestow. Those considered for naming honors shall have been dedicated to the purpose, nature and mission of the College and shall have achieved outstanding distinction through contributions to the College or community.

All naming recognition must be consistent with the College’s mission. The proposed name should enhance the public reputation of the institution. The credentials, character, and reputation of the individual, family, entity or organization for whom the naming is being considered shall be appropriately evaluated. Naming proposals must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.

The PCC Board of Directors reserves the right to rename or terminate naming agreements upon certain triggering events. These conditions will be set forth in the naming agreement.

(August 2014)