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BP 2361 Information Request

As fiduciaries of PCC, each board member has a responsibility for oversight to ensure effective operation of the college by the President. Board members may ask questions related to information shared with the board in the previous 90 days, as well as information in the process of being presented at a current board meeting. Each board member has the right to submit questions or information requests of the President through the board chair or vice-chair.

The chair or vice-chair shall decide if the information request or question(s) will be submitted to the President for response. This decision can be referred for public discussion by the Board as a whole with the concurrence of any three board members.

The following guidelines will be considered by the chair or vice-chair in making their decision:

  1. The question or information request is germane to the board’s role and responsibilities with respect to operations of the college.
  2. The question or information request is not frivolous; designed to embarrass; or rhetorical in nature.
  3. Responding to the question or information request is not unduly burdensome to college staff.
  4. The question or information request does not seek personal or confidential information.

Individual board members do not have the authority to direct college staff to take action. Information provided to any board member shall be available to all board members.

(August 2021)