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Transferring to Washington State University – Vancouver Campus

Washington State University - Vancouver Campus

Washington State University Vancouver is located 10 miles north of the Columbia River. Approximately 3,600 students attend WSU Vancouver. Over 20 majors are offered including Digital Technology and Culture, Hospitality Business Management, Neuroscience, Nursing, and Public Affairs. See how many credits you’ll need, GPA requirements, and how to apply on WSU Vancouver’s Transfer Admissions site.

Classes you can take at PCC

General education classes

If you earn an AAOT degree from PCC, you will have finished your general education requirements at WSU Vancouver. If you transfer without an AAOT degree, you can check course-by-course to see how your general education classes will transfer.

Major-specific classes

These are required classes for specific programs, and the equivalent classes at PCC.


Biology major -see WSU Vancouver’s BS in Biology Guide for PCC equivalencies.


Business major – see WSU Vancouver’s BS in Business Administration Guide for PCC equivalencies.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering major -see WSU Vancouver’s MS in Mechanical Engineering Guide for PCC equivalencies.


Education major -see WSU Vancouver’s BA in Education Guide for PCC equivalencies.


Psychology major -see WSU Vancouver’s BS in Psychology Guide for PCC equivalencies.

Don’t see your major? This is not a complete list of all the majors you can transfer into at this school. If you don’t see your major, you just need to research program requirements on your transfer school’s website. See how to transfer from PCC to a four-year school.

Heads up! We do our best to keep this site current, but transfer requirements tend to change without warning. Always check with an advisor at your transfer school before making your final decision about classes.