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Transferring to Oregon Health Sciences University

Oregon Health Sciences University

Oregon Health & Science University is a nationally prominent research university and Oregon’s only public academic health center. They are located in southwest Portland. They have a School of Medicine, a School of Nursing, a School of Dentistry, and a College of Pharmacy program along with a few other programs. See how many credits you’ll need, GPA requirements, and how to apply on OHSU’s Admissions site.

Below is information about how PCC courses transfer. To make an academic plan for transfer, contact your PCC Academic Advisor.

Prerequisites for program admissions

Most OHSU programs require completion of a bachelor’s degree; your PCC academic plan will depend on which OHSU program you plan to apply to, the school you transfer to for your bachelor’s degree, and the bachelor’s degree major you choose.

OHSU maintains transfer admission guides for the following programs which do not require a bachelor’s degree:

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Admission to the Doctor of Dental Medicine Program is open to students who have completed 135 credits and the required prerequisites. Although a bachelor’s degree is not required, it is strongly recommended. OHSU maintains the Dental program prerequisite transfer guide for coursework at Oregon 4-year colleges and universities.


Students who complete PCC’s AAS in Nursing degree have several options for admission to OHSU through the OCNE consortium.

Radiation Therapy

Admission to the Radiation Therapy program is available to PCC students who complete the AAS in Radiography and to students who complete at least 90 quarter hours of PCC coursework and the OHSU Radiation Therapy prerequisites.