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Transferring to Western Governors University

Logo for WGUWestern Governors University is a non-profit, online University with competency-based education. Simply put, it measures skills and learning rather than time. Students progress through courses as soon as they can prove they’ve mastered the material, rather than advancing only when the semester or term ends. If a student can learn faster, spend more time on schoolwork, or lean on knowledge they already have from previous work or school experience, they can accelerate. WGU has degrees in Business, Teaching, Information Technology, Nursing, and Healthcare.

Major-specific associate degrees

Western Governors University has developed many guides to show what associate degrees will transfer to their bachelor programs.

College of Business

Click on the teal College of Business box on WGU’s website to see majors in:

    • Accounting
    • Business-Healthcare Management
    • Business-Human Resource Management
    • Business-Information Technology Management
    • Business Management
    • Marketing Management
Teachers College

Click on the teal Teachers College box on WGU’s website to see majors in:

      • Elementary Education
      • Special Education (mild to moderate)
      • Special Education and Elementary Education (dual licensure)
      • Mathematics Education (middle grades)
      • Mathematics Education (secondary)
      • Science Education (middle grades)
      • Science Education (secondary biological science)
      • Science Education (secondary chemistry)
      • Science Education (secondary Earth Science)
      • Science Education (secondary physics)
College of Health Professions

Click on the teal College of Health Professions box on WGU’s website to see majors in:

      • Health Information Management
      • Nursing
      • Nursing Education (RN to MSN)
      • Nursing Leadership (RN to MSN)
      • Nursing Informatics (RN to MSN)
College of Information Technology

Click on the teal College of Information Technology box on WGU’s website to see majors in:

      • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
      • Cloud and Systems Administration
      • Computer Science
      • Data Management/Data Analytics
      • Information Technology
      • Network Operations and Security
      • Software Development
Online programs

WGU offers many online programs business, education, health, and information technology.