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Course evaluation hold

Students, individually and through student government leadership, have long requested more time to complete their course evaluations. Course evaluations can now be submitted through the Monday after Finals Week.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

In order to provide the additional week to submit course evaluations, a process was necessary to allow both students and faculty the ability to complete their respective tasks simultaneously. The course evaluation (CE) hold gives students the opportunity to evaluate their classes at the same time that faculty are posting grades without any conflict of interest.

Does the CE Hold keep me from registering for classes?

No, the CE hold does not prevent students from registering for classes. It also does not prevent students from ordering books or purchasing a parking permit, nor does it impact financial aid.

How can I find out when my course evaluations are available?

Multiple PCC emails are sent to students announcing the availability of their course evaluations. Course evaluations become available at various times throughout the term.

Follow these steps to find out when each of your course evaluations will be available:

  1. Log in to your MyPCC account.
  2. Select the My Courses tab.
  3. In the ‘View My’ column, select the Course Evaluations link.
I have an evaluation for an instructor that didn’t teach me. What do I do?

There are quite a few courses that are taught by a team of instructors, such as CAS or NRS classes. In this situation, please evaluate only the instructor who taught you. For the other instructor’s evaluations, simply choose the decline option found at the bottom of the first page of each evaluation and Submit as usual. You will need to do this for each evaluation form in order to show a submitted status for all of your evaluations.

When can I see my grades?

By completing all of your course evaluations as early as you can, you will be able to see your grades the day after your instructor posts them. Instructors have a deadline to submit grades by 5pm on the Monday following Finals Week, but frequently submit grades before then. Students who have completed all their available course evaluations will be able to view their posted grades. Students, who do not complete all their course evaluations before 11:59pm on Monday after Finals Week, will be able to see their grades on the Tuesday morning following Finals Week.

Where do I go to see my grades?

Once all of your available course evaluations have a submitted status, follow these steps to see your grades:

  1. Select the My Courses tab in your MyPCC account.
  2. In the ‘View My’ column, select the My Grades link.
  3. Select the current term from the drop-down menu to view your grade.

If the current term is not displayed in the drop-down menu, it simply means none of your grades have been posted for the term. As soon as a grade is posted and you have submitted all available course evaluations, the current term and your posted grades will be visible.

How and when does the hold get removed from my account?

The hold will be removed from a student’s account once all available course evaluations have been submitted. All CE holds are removed from any remaining student accounts at midnight, Tuesday after Finals Week. At that point, all course evaluations are officially closed and all grades are viewable.

Note: During the term, new holds will be placed on your account when other course evaluations become available. Submitting your course evaluations when they become available will clear each hold in the same way as described above.

If you have any problems finding or submitting your course evaluations or have more questions, please email courseevaluations@pcc.edu[opens in new window].