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As a PCC faculty member, you have the opportunity to teach a PCC course abroad for credit! This is a faculty-driven process wherein a faculty member develops an idea for a course they would like to teach abroad and proposes it for review and (hopefully) approval.

This process involves working with your division dean and DOI for support and approval of your program idea; submitting a proposal through Education Abroad with the details of your proposed program to be reviewed by the Education Abroad Review Committee; working with Education Abroad and the selected study abroad program provider to flesh out details of the program; and recruiting students for your program, among other things.

The Education Abroad Office is here to help recruit students for your program by providing tools, resources, training, and additional marketing and recruiting support, but the ultimate responsibility to ensure high enough enrollment rests with the faculty member proposing and leading the program.

One of the first steps in this process is to attend an Education Abroad 101 Workshop. The next workshop is scheduled for November 2, 2018 at SE from 9am – 12pm. Register here for the workshop. Learn more about the steps to developing a faculty-led program.