Developing a Faculty-Led Program

First 4 Steps to Developing a Faculty-Led Program

You can see more details on the Faculty-Led Program Development Timeline.
Stonehaven, Scotland

  1. Attend an Ed Abroad 101 for Faculty!
    • This is an essential first step in finding out how the process and timeline work and if this is right for you! There will be an Ed Abroad 101 For Faculty offered every term.
  2. Meet with an Ed Abroad Faculty Mentor

    • The Ed Abroad Faculty Mentor is a faculty on the Education Abroad Review Committee (EARC) and is a resource for you as you organize your curriculum through the proposal process.
  3. Work with The Education Abroad Office on logistics and in-country needs.

    • Education Abroad Office will work with you on logistic details of program design and academic on-site support.
    • And work with you and the Study Abroad Program Provider to align co-curricular activities with course outcomes.
  4. Prepare and submit initial proposal
    • If you completed the first 3 steps you are ready to begin your Initial Proposal. Start the online Proposal. (Click on “Faculty – Submit Proposal for Faculty-Led Program” in the left-hand menu. Then click on “I have a username and password” and log in using your MyPCC credentials.)
    • The next proposal cycle will be for programs running Summer 2025. The deadline for the initial proposal will be January 16, 2024.